Email received from Mark who hunted with us 11/1/10 to 11/5/10 after his hunt

We all have our own perception of what a guided hunt should be. Bringing home the buck of
a life time would probably be the number one answer. Think about how hard it is to harvest
a mature whitetail with a firearm and now add a bow and arrow to the equation. As bow
hunters we all know how hard that is and how many things have to all come together for our
dream to come true. And now we go to another state for most of us, and expect to go into
the first stand the first morning and see the buck of a life time  And now day five comes and
your still going after that mature whitetail you thought you should of shot the first day in
camp. Forgetting we didn't get a chance to tell Mr whitetail about our plans for him. I want to
thank roger and his wife for there hard work feeding us with hot tasteful meals. The lodging
was clean roomy and comfortable. I would also like to thank my guide Barry although I he
knew were there. I seen the frustration and disappointment in his face as the days went by
and john paul and myself didn't connect on a deer. And that is why there is high fence
ranches. So for myself the new friends i made the laughs we all shared and there were a lot
of those will be my trophy i bring home hunting with sunfish. Once again thank you for a
great hunting week and Barry we both appreciate everything you did for us you worked hard
and beyond your job description. And that is what will bring me back to sunfish valley.
Thanks again!      Mark -- Brooklyn, New York
Email received from Josh who hunted with us 11/1/10 to 11/5/10 after his hunt
Matt and Brock,

enjoyed my time with you all and your team.  You’ve got something very special there in
terms of the land, people and the way you run the hunting.  Limiting the amount of hunters
and the honest approach you all take is refreshing and unique and you all should be proud of
look forward to hunting with you all in the future.  Please let me know if I can serve as a
reference for you.  
I must say, we were really scared to book this outfitter trip (1st time going with an outfitter
and not a private land owner) and James had a BLAST! He shot a great 10 pointer (150)
yesterday and the hunt was perfect. He really credits his guide Andrew for this score! All I
have heard about all week is how wonderful... Andrew is and that they are working together
and making adjustments to "get a big one." Andrew, thank you so much for your time and
Facebook post from Paul who husband hunted with us 11/8/10 to 11/12/10 after his hunt

Want to thank Matt and Brock for having us out to hunt there great pieces of property --and
special thanks to Andrew - hes a great guide also. I would really love to come back again if at
all possible. Thanks guys and I had a great time.