Hunt Trophy
Whitetails on
15,000 Privately
Owned Acres
Sunfish Valley Pay Lake
350 Moore St
Piketon, OH 45661

Phone Number:

Open Fishing:
Open fishing using the Honor Pay System

We have set up a system in which you put your money and fishing ticket in an
envelope and stick it through the door. We will have someone checking in
periodically to check tickets and sell bait. If you will let us know what time
you’re planning to come we will do our best to have someone there at that time
to sell you bait and get your money. If you are open fishing and the bait shop is
closed, we have set up a set of scales out behind the bait shop for you to weigh
your fish. We will post the weights that are leading the jars on the back door
the bait shop. If you catch a fish that you believe would be the new leader in a
jar or you believe it is close then you take a picture of the fish on the scales
and either message us through Facebook or text me a picture then put it in the
holding tank behind the bait shop. If it is during the day, we will try to get
someone over there before you stop fishing. If it is that night and your ticket
has expired and you have to leave, we will send someone over first thing in the
morning to check the weight and contact you with the official weight. The
official weight will be what the bait shop scales say. My cell number is 740-222-
8311. If I get your text during the night, I’m probably not going to check it
until first thing in the morning. Doing it this way allows us to be open 24/7 and
lets you fish whenever you want.

Please be sure that if you are fishing that you have filled I have a ticket and
put your money in the envelope. If we find people fishing that have not paid
and those people will not be permitted to fish anymore. We will have people
checking in periodically throughout the day and also at night.

6 Hour Ticket -- $15.00 includes all jackpots, $8.00 without jackpots
12 Hour Ticket -- $22.00 includes all jackpots, $15.00 without jackpots
Tournament ticket -- $15.00

Weekly Jackpots -- 50% payout
20 to 29.9 -- ($1.00)
30 to 39.9  -- ($1.00)
40 to 49.9 -- ($1.00)
50+ -- ($1.00)

Biggest Fish of the Month -- ($1.00) --
100% Payout
Tagged Fish -- ($2.00)

Weekly Tournaments: 100% payout of entry fee
To Be Determined
Outlaw -- Biggest Fish -- Tournament ticket $10.00 entry fee

Friday Night: 7pm to 1am
Biggest fish every hour and biggest fish overall -- Tournament ticket plus $15.00
entry fee

Saturday Night: 7pm to 1am
Biggest fish every hour and biggest fish overall -- Tournament ticket plus $20.00
entry fee

Special Tournaments to be Determined

Yearly Membership -- $300.00 -- unlimited fishing -- does NOT include
tournament entry fees or jackpot fees
*Each member receives a Sunfish Valley Pay Lake T-shirt

                                    Contact Us: Text/Call/Facebook Message
                                    Bait Shop -- 740-222-5380
                                    Brock Brewster -- 740-222-8311
                                    Anthony Penwell -- 740-835-7760
                                    Matt Brewster -- 740-222-8906

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